California Hair Color Balayage: Why This Summer’s Best Face Trend


The California balayage is quickly becoming the hottest hair color trend of the summer.

Remember when balayage burst onto the hairstyle scene in the 90s and changed hair color forever? The coloring technique involves lightly sweeping sections of hair with blonde and golden highlights. But, unlike other coloring techniques, the highlights are blended seamlessly throughout the length (think soft caramels harmonized with bright blondes) to ensure there’s never a band of color or roots. visible telltales. In fact, it only gets better and blends over time. And this is the only hair coloring technique to opt for during the summer months.

Tommie Gleed, color director at Nicky Clarke, says the balayage trend shows no signs of slowing down this summer, but Cali’s trendiest girls are opting for a more polished version. Enter the California scan.

The term comes from the French word sweep, meaning sweeping, referring to how color is applied to the hair, but the trend has become increasingly popular in recent years.

“While ‘lived color’ remains hugely popular, many customers are asking for a polished California balayage,” says Gleed, who adds that 2022 is all about glowing, warmer toners to complement every skin tone. “California balayage is created with a livelier root and lighter ends and is normally paired with bangs or grown out bangs. The look is all about beachy “SoCal” vibes, and the color is layered to mimic the look of naturally sun-kissed locks and give a gorgeous, shiny “vacation hair effect.” contouring.

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