Brown hair color “Louis Vuitton” is trendy for spring


  • “Louis Vuitton” hair is set to be the next brown hair color trend this spring.
  • Different from the expensive brown trend, Louis Vuitton brown is an actual color rather than a finish.
  • We spoke to a celebrity hairstyle to explain how to get the look.

Spring cleaning is one thing, but if you love changing up your look, there’s no better way to kick off the season than with a new hair color. While the past few months have seen a mix of softer hues like “flannel highlights” and bolder trends like “red clay” on every celebrity from Kendall Jenner to Sydney Sweeney, there’s a new trend of hair color that is sure to top them all: “Louis Vuitton” brown.

Fresh off the “expensive brunette” trend that catapulted to popularity a few months ago, this shade is completely different — but just as stylish. So what is “Louis Vuitton” brown? “Think of the distressed leather color of a Louis Vuitton handbag – a gorgeous rich tan color that’s not too pale but not heavy or dark either,” says celebrity hairstylist and international hairstylist Tom Smith. color and creation at Evo Hair. “This [color] suits a variety of skin tones due to its medium depth and should be worn with healthy, flowing hair that shines to show off the undertone at its best.

Continuing the expensive brown trend, the “Louis Vuitton brown” is more raised than its predecessor and differs from it because it is a specific shade rather than a “finish” of the hair. Curious to try the trend yourself? Read ahead for everything you need to know before booking your appointment.


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