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Ask a room of beauty editors if they regularly clean their makeup brushes and, of course, you’ll only hear a resounding “yes”. Ask them how they clean their favorite tools, though, and you’ll likely get a bunch of different answers.

“The build-up of product on the brushes can cause skin problems and infections, but can also clog the hairs and make it very difficult to apply makeup,” says makeup artist Mira Parmar. “Regularly washing your brushes keeps them hygienic, gives you flawless skin and preserves their quality so they last as long as possible. “

Yes, keeping makeup brushes oil and bacteria free is an essential beauty chore, but there are plenty of ways to go about it. Some swear by a proven cleansing liquid, while others prefer a solid balm suitable for travel. Pump bottles are praised for their quick and easy appeal, while the latest cleaners will do a satisfying and full job of those clogged foundation brushes.

In our time, we’ve tested millions (maybe) of makeup brush cleaners, so we know quite a bit about which ones really hit the mark. Find out which ones we are counting on now.

The 10 best makeup brush cleaners for your cleanest kit ever

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Makeup brush cleaner

A favorite with makeup artists, this disinfectant spray is perfect for cleaning brushes quickly and gently. Simply spray directly on the bristles, then wipe off with a tissue or cotton ball.


Brush Cleansing Balm

A solid brush cleaner is a smart choice for flawless cleaning, and it’s by far one of the best. Simply wet your brush and swirl it straight into the jar, using the handy silicone mat to remove stubborn liquid pigments. An ideal choice for heavily used brushes.


Makeup brush cleaner and dryer

Yes, it’s that brush cleaner you’ve seen all over Instagram – and we can confirm it, it really works.

How? ‘Or’ What? Simply fill the bowl with lukewarm water and a mild liquid cleanser (like this one), place your brush inside, and the spin technology will remove all traces of product in seconds.


Organic Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap

This cult liquid soap contains naturally antibacterial tea tree oil in a gentle, organic base. It will fit right into a long lasting beauty routine and is not only good for cleaning brushes – try it on your hair, face and body too.


Revitalizing cleansing brush

Massage this powerful cleansing solution into damp makeup brushes before rinsing (with bristles pointing down) to leave them completely free of product and super soft to the touch.


Cleansing brush

This water-weight miracle product is ideal for a quick clean or a deep clean. A small amount leaves the brushes in perfect condition – soft and in perfect condition, just like when you first bought them.


On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

NYX Professional Makeup

£ 9.00

Keep this smart brush cleaner handy when trying to follow this Youtube beauty tutorial – it dries instantly, letting you change ombre shades in the blink of an eye, without any transfer. Ideal when you have a whole new palette and just one brush to play with.


Backstage Brush Cleaner

If you’re looking for something to keep your most used brushes fresh between deep cleanings, Dior’s offering is perfect. The antibacterial properties remove dirt and grime that can easily lead to rashes, but they are not harsh on the hair.


Blendercleanser Liquid Lavender

We don’t know what we did until the Beautyblender spruced up our makeup shelves – but while we’re here for the flawless foundation finish, admittedly they’re a nightmare to keep clean. This specially formulated soy-based cleanser breaks down product deep inside the sponge, ensuring your favorite applicator stays clean and hygienic.


Makeup brush cleaner

Add this reliable brush cleaner to this boot haul – it will quickly clean and refresh brushes between those monthly soaks, helping to prevent stubborn product build-up.

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