Beauty products manufacturer Bryhel Cosmetic Labs enters the United States

Private label personal care manufacturer based in Israel, Bryhel Cosmetic Laboratories opens operations in the United States.

Bryhel is a family business that works with cosmetics, skincare and haircare brands from creation to distribution and everything in between. Originally based in Israel, the team is now opening a US factory in Miami, Florida.

According to company executives, Bryhel is a leading cosmetics lab that works with customers every step of the way. Bryhel is involved from concept to formulations, packaging, regulations, marketing and more. It is committed to providing the best quality of service at the best prices for its customers. Bryhel stays attuned to industry trends and how best to execute those trends, with its expert team of cosmetic chemists, packaging professionals, R&D veterans and more. You can find products made by Bryhel at top retailers like Sephora, Ulta, and Target.

“I’m so passionate about the beauty industry and love working with brands to create new and innovative ways to bring effective formulas and products to beauty enthusiasts,” says Bryhel Founder Defne Arikan. , “I knew it was imperative for us to open a US operation so that we could better serve our customers in different time zones. Our goal is not just to expand our services into a new geographic area, but also to facilitate the manufacturing process and the behind-the-scenes process for brands.”

The Miami location will allow Bryhel to better serve its existing customer base as well as expand its reach to new brands with a more robust and accessible team. In the coming months, Bryhel will further innovate manufacturing with a new platform that will make back-end work for brands even more seamless. Bryhel is also interested in meeting with other US-based labs for partnerships.


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