An Honest Review of Benefit Cosmetics’ WANDERful World Blush Collection


Blush, especially shimmer blush, is back, and thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, it’s easier than ever to get closer to this beauty trend. Launching May 24, Benefit’s WANDERful World Blush collection includes 11 new shades – plus a favorite from Benefit Cosmetics in the range’s new sustainable packaging – that can translate every TikTok blush trend you’ve seen on your phone into an IRL moment. And while you might be thinking, “Powder blush is a tale as old as time, I’m not interested,” I’m going to need you to adjust your point of view. This is no ordinary powder blush.

Benefit Cosmetics has changed the powder blush game with the WANDERful World Blush collection in several ways, but the biggest difference between your standard blush and WANDERful World blushes is the texture, both on and off. of your skin.

The product has an unexpected feel, which feels soft and springy to the touch and bounces back, almost more like a cushion than a powder. According to the brand, this is because the particles of this blush are ultra-fine. This is the vibe you get once you start working with blush; it does not sit on your skin as you would expect. Instead, it kind of melts – scientists, please don’t @me – like you’d expect a cream or stain to. That said, you get the sheer veil of color you expect from a powder blush with these 11 new shades, but that’s just the start.

Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

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  • Each shade will cost you $29 for a full size blush and $17 per mini.
  • The WANDERful World Blush collection is actually incredibly diverse, when it comes to shades, and will work well for a very wide range of skin tones.
  • They are not clean or cruelty-free.
  • I love the new sustainable packaging and am obsessed with the new formula and finishes.
  • I would love for the shadows to be bigger. They aren’t cheap and it would be nice to have more in each compact since I’m going to be wearing it all summer.

Benefit Cosmetics WANDERful World Collection

My cheeks:

My skin is quite dry, which is why I don’t mess with powder blush or powder in general. I don’t need help looking dry and powders make you look dry. I’m also Trinidadian, and like many Trinidadians, I have lots of thick, dark hair. It looks gorgeous on my head, but I’m less thrilled with it on my face where it also grows quite thick. Most powder blushes cling to my facial hair and make it stand out in ways I don’t like. Also, because of my olive to tan skin tone, many of the popular powder blushes can make me look ashy.

Benefit Cosmetics WANDERful World Blush Collection:

The WANDERful World Blush collection includes 11 new shades plus a Benefits Cosmetics favorite, Dandelion, ranging from pinks to neutrals and deeper berry tones. Some shades, not all, have a shimmery finish thanks to the freshwater pearl and synthetic sapphire, which read as shimmer and non-shimmer – another nice feature you don’t always see in powder blushes. The finishes of the 12 shades range from matte to shimmer to satin (think soft, supple shine for this one).


These blushes are triple ground, which means they have about as fine a texture as you can get in a powder product. Honestly, thinner and it would feel more like a cream than a powder. These blushes also have a different base than most powder blushes – translucent instead of white or pink, which the brand says is traditional – and makes this product a standout for people of color who are tired of the ashy look that some powders blush. can leave on dark skin. The brand claims that the WANDERful World collection does not leave a white streak and after trying all the shades I can confirm that there is no white streak on my tanned skin.


Benefit Cosmetics is doing something new with this blush and leaning into sustainable production. The boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are smaller than the boxes Benefit Cosmetics previously offered, resulting in 20% less paper consumption overall, according to the brand. They’ve also removed the mini blush brushes that came with the product, meaning they’ve also removed the plastic wrap and tray used to house the brush. For my part, do not miss the mini-brush. It’s 2022 and most people have a dedicated blush brush or tool that they like to use.

The smell:

These blushes smell good, but not overly scented. They each have a subtle, floral scent, which I really enjoyed, but other people might not be too interested, especially if you have scent sensitivities.

Methodology :

To test the WANDERful World Blush collection, I incorporated the product into my daily beauty routine and wore it over lightly applied foundation, with a little bronzer. I used a basic blush brush and gently but firmly pressed the brush into the blush tray before applying it to the apples of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. I blended the blush all the way to my temples for an all over blush look and dabbed some more bronzer on my cheekbones to add dimension.

The results:

Courtesy of Amber Rambharose

For this review, I used Shell ($29, Benefit Cosmetics) from the WANDERful World Collection. The brand describes it as “a warm seashell pink” with a slightly shimmery finish. I found Shellie to be a perfect pink shade for summer, almost the exact same color as my own skin when I blush. I didn’t see much of what I would call shimmer, but the blush created a beautiful pearlescent glow, which is way better than the shimmer in my book.


I’m so glad these Benefit Cosmetics blushes are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores. That said, the ingredients aren’t clean or cruelty-free.

Similar products:

There really isn’t any other powder blush that works exactly the same, but the closest is Buxom’s Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush ($23, Amazon). It starts out as a powder and then melts into the skin, which works especially well for people with dry skin like me. Surprisingly, probably the closest product, in terms of finish, to you is EM Cosmetics’ gorgeous tinted serums. That of the brand Blush Serum Color Drop ($25, EM Cosmetics) have a similar but buildable finish and feel like they melt into skin.

Is it worth it?

If you’re on a budget, I’d rather stick with a more cost-effective product like a blush stick or cream. However, if you love powder blushes or if powders are your favorite makeup texture, you’re definitely going to want to give Benefit Cosmetics WANDERful World Blush a go. collection an essay.

Final Verdict:

I am a big fan of this blush. I think it elevates the powder brush game in general, which is not an easy task and the finishes are fun to play with. Although it is more expensive than your typical drugstore blushes, I would consider it an investment. If you’re on the fence, mini blushes are a good option.

On me

I’ve been testing and writing about beauty products for seven years. I’ve also spent a lot of time being dissatisfied with powder blush and looking for formulations that work on my skin tone (tan) and skin texture (dry) so I can say with authority that this blush changes the situation.


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