Affordable Zara perfumes that smell the same as famous high-end perfumes


Zara is known for its relatively affordable fragrances that capture the essence of several high-end fragrances. The internet is full of comparison videos listing Zara perfumes similar to expensive perfumes.

But, do they really look alike? If they look a bit alike, what are the differences between them? What does each smell like? Where can you buy these perfumes, both the designer ones and the cheapest ones from Zara? We give you all the details here.

Zara perfumes similar to high-end luxury perfumes

1. Zara Applejuice Eau De Toilette (Rs 990 for 90ml) smells like Chanel Chance Eau Tendre ($146 or Rs 11,626.37 for 100ml)

Zara Applejuice is fooled by Chanel Chance Eau Tendre
Credit: Zara, Chanel

A powdery fragrance that smells of crisp green apples, juicy pears, fresh pink peonies and roses, clean musk and citrus, this Zara perfume is very similar to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre in terms of scent. Where it differs is longevity, with Zara requiring constant reapplication. But, while it doesn’t last too long, it smells the same and has that luxurious touch of cool, rose-floral shampoo. That said, the Chanel variant lasts well in the heat despite having such a delicate scent.

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Get Chanel perfume at a Chanel Beauty store in DLF Promenade, Delhi and Select Citywalk, Delhi, or order it here in the United States.

2. Zara Gardenia Eau de Parfum (Rs 990 for 90ml) is similar to YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum (Rs 5,300 for 50ml)

YSL Black Opium's dupe is Zara Gardenia
Credits: Zara, Nykaa

It might be called Gardenia, but it’s not a typical floral at all. It is sweet with notes of vanilla, berries and some smoky and woody notes. There are a few white florals that seasoned noses might detect, but for the most part it’s a saccharine scent similar to Black Opium. Obviously Black Opium has much better longevity and smells more like bitter coffee, spicy sweetness and a combination of contrasting and complex notes, but Gardenia is quite similar in terms of smoky sweetness.

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Get YSL perfume here.

3. The Zara Emotions Fleur D’Oranger EDP (Rs 1,990 for 90ml) is reminiscent of the Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne (£110 or Rs 10,152.91 for 100ml)

Zara Emotions Flower D
Credit: Zara, Jo Malone UK

Jo Malone has created a relatively affordable range of fragrances in collaboration with Zara, and this is one of them. Naturally, it has that signature Jo Malone vibe, and has notes similar to what Jo created earlier. This scent smells very grassy and clean. It’s like a mixture of cologne, clean sheets, white flowers growing on orange trees and strong citrus leaves of orange trees. Ideal as an after-bath scent in hot weather, it smells very musky and powdery, like fresh, lemony talc.

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Order Jo Malone perfume from a UK location here.

4. The Zara Black Amber EDT (Rs 990 for 90ml) is a bit like the Dolce & Gabbana The One EDT (Rs 5,100 for 50ml)

Dolce & Gabbana The One and Zara Black Amber similar notes
Credit: Zara, Parcos

A surprisingly complex fragrance, Black Amber is one of Zara’s most underrated products scents. People are misled when they smell the sweetness of chewing gum on the first spritz, thinking it will be another tiny flavor. But when it settles, you smell the tropical tiare flower in the background, the scent of oranges and the honeyed warmth of vanilla and amber. It has a milky, powdery trail that dampens the sweetness. But The One is not very durable, especially considering the price. Zara’s isn’t very durable either, but it’s decent for an EDT for under $1000.

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Get the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance here.

5. Zara Orchid EDP (Rs 990 for 90ml) has a lot in common with Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Mist (Rs 2,999 for 250ml)

Zara Orchid and Perfumes Like Victoria's Secret Bombshell Similarities
Credit: Zara, Victoria’s Secret Beauty India

Citrus and fresh, Zara Orchid is a little more musky and cleaner than Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. Bombshell has a more fruity and sweet smell, while Orchid is a bit more lemony. The longevity of the Bombshell mist – the cheapest iteration of the scent – is similar to that of Orchid, making the two very comparable. Ideal for a hot summer day, both are really light, aquatic and refreshing scents.

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Shop Victoria’s Secret Mist here.

6. Waterlily Tea Dress EDP by Zara (Rs 1,590 for 90ml) smells like Gypsy Water EDP by Byredo ($200 or Rs 15,926 for 50ml) and White Jasmine & Mint Cologne by Jo Malone (£115 or Rs 10,613 per 100ml)

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint's dupe is Zara Waterlily Tea Dress
Credit: Zara, Byredo, Jo Malone UK

A fresh, watery, green, minty white floral scent, this is another scent created in collaboration with Jo Malone. It has notes of white flowers like lily and a freshness close to lemony bergamot. It lasts about four hours. Its resemblance to Jo Malone’s cologne is obvious. But it’s surprisingly similar to Byredo’s cool girl and Gypsy Water-approved Hermes Un Jardin line. Although not as woody or unisex as Gypsy Water, it is truly beautiful and floral. Very natural, it smells like dew-covered flowers in a green, soggy garden, making it one of Zara’s most beautiful fragrances.

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Order Gypsy Water at a location in the United States here.

Order Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint from a UK location here.

7. Zara Violet Blossom EDP (Rs 990 for 90ml) is similar to Thierry Mugler Alien EDP (Rs 5,800 for 60ml) and Dior Poison Girl EDP (Rs 9,700 for 50ml)

The similarities between Dior Poison Girl and Zara Violet Blossom
Credit: Zara, Parcos, Nnnow

This fruity and sweet fragrance is reminiscent of many famous perfumes. Some smell of pure grape juice and the sweetness of tonka beans, like Bath & Body Works’ Dark Kiss. Others take up the floral notes of magnolia and cherry blossom and think of the flowers of Mugler’s Alien. Even more can smell the cherry, almond and tonka bean notes of Dior’s Poison Girl. Overall, it’s a sweet, creamy, berry-like scent where there’s a little powder, a combination that will remind you of the color violet.

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Get Mugler’s Alien here.

8. The EDP (Rs 1,490 for 100ml) looks a lot like the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia EDP (Rs 10,900 for 100ml)

Similarities Between Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia and Zara Cashmere Rose
Credits: Zara, Nykaa

Zara perfume smells like powdery pink peony blossoms, fruity cherries and sweet sweet vanilla, and this combination is very much like the mix of powdery pear blossom, fruity red berries and sweet notes in Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia. The gardenia notes in Gucci perfume are muted, despite its name, but something creamy in Cashmere Rose is very much like creamy gardenias, giving them similar overall personalities. If you like sweet and fruity flowers, This is for you. The longevity of Cashmere Rose is not bad, but it weakens after two-three hours, becoming one-dimensional and soft. Gucci lasts longer, which is fair, given how much you end up paying for it.

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Get the Gucci perfume here.

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