54 Cosmetics now open, offering permanent makeup and other services


54 Cosmetics | Photo provided

Tammy Roth and Veronica Blincoe have finally turned their dream into a reality, as 54 Cosmetics is officially open and taking appointments.

The company shares a building with Shaka Tattoo at 4531 Hwy 54 Suite 2. Shaka is owned by Roth’s son and Blincoe’s husband, Brian Benoit.

“One of the best things is that I’m here with my family,” Blincoe said. “And the other part is that Tammy and I are very similar. It’s something that we’ve both held dear for a while, and being here gives us the perfect opportunity to do that.

Until the end of July, 54 Cosmetics will only offer its permanent eyeliner service to build up its portfolio. But they will slowly start adding their other services later, such as permanent blush, lip liner, eyebrows, etc.

“The reason we’re doing this is that even though we’ve been taught everything, we’re trying to master everything,” Roth said. “We’re more for the art than the money, so we’re honest and don’t try to get ahead of ourselves.”

Roth and Blincoe start with lower prices as they build their portfolios, charging just $200 for permanent eyeliner with a 6-week touch-up.

“We want to make sure we have a good base and a good base,” Roth said. “Even though we have been trained in everything, we will continue our education and offer more services.”

Customers they have served reveal how talented the owners are at their craft. Some customers provide before and after images that the company can use on their Facebook page.

“What sets us apart is that we’re so concerned and very focused on the right type of eyeliner or eyebrow for your skin tone, face shape, or age,” Blincoe said. “You will walk away really confident that you have what you need.”

Roth and Blincoe seek to please not only with their services, but with the environment they have created. They took the West Coast vibe Shaka Tattoo already had and added fun floors, wallpaper and decorations, including the skateboard Roth used as a teenager. They also have a snack bar and a Nintendo game system that customers can access while they wait.

“We want customers to leave happy not just with what we did, but with the whole experience,” Blincoe said.

To make an appointment, click the “book now” button on their Facebook page or call 270-695-9017 and leave a message for Tammy or Veronica.


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