16 best perfumes and fragrances for summer 2021



Summer is here, which means the days are longer, the dresses are shorter, and the scents a little lighter.

While many of us like to stick with our signature scent year-round, summer is a wonderful opportunity to embrace scents that remind us of our favorite outdoor pastimes – days at the beach. , picnics with the girls, a vacation in an exotic destination or even just a quiet night stroll through your own neighborhood.

Instead of going to your local aisle or cosmetics store and sampling scents in a swirl, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite scents and fragrances that are floral, lemony, shiny and perfectly mimic the aromas of summer. We promise, it’s not too late to find your signature scent for the rest of the season!

Best summer perfumes and fragrances

1. Pacifica Beauty French Lilac Spray Perfume

Take the romantic aromas of French lilacs everywhere with you with this scent from Pacifica. You are not a fan of flowers? The own beauty brand also manufactures fragrances inspired by Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Indian coconut nectar and tuscany blood orange.

2. Jafra Eau d’Arômes Perfumed Spray Sun

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the sun on your skin in summer – and that sensation is what this scent is reminiscent of. This scent is filled with luminous notes of lemon and sunflower that give way to sultry driftwood for a scent that can easily pass from day to night.

3. Eau de Jus Eau de Parfum Good Energy

If you strive to live with “good vibes only” then this Eau de Parfum is for you. This fruity scent is loaded with all manner of summery fruits including tangerine, passion fruit, mango and papaya. What’s more, how not to live the packaging which is an instant return to your days on the playing field?

4. Oscar de la Renta Alibi Eau de Parfum Spray

Oscar de la Renta fragrances are loved by women around the world. A summer fragrance that we never tire of is Alibi de Parfum. It begins with notes of citrus and ginger flowers, evolves into light vanilla orchids and ends with warm notes of praline and amber wood. The bottle is as beautiful as the smell with a gold lid and black lettering.

5. Boy Smells Exploratory Set

If you can’t commit to just one perfume purchase, an exploratory set might be right for you. You might know Boy Smells best for their chic candles, but the brand also has some cool scents that are reminiscent of everything from smoky papyrus and peppercorns to classic mint and sandalwood. Not only can you try four of their signature scents – Rose Load, Violet Ends, Suede Pony, and Tantrum – but you’ll also receive a $ 16 credit toward purchasing a full-size bottle in the future.

6. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau de Toilette

For many, Marc Jacobs Daisy is a beloved summer scent. The brand recently launched a new fragrance in the Daisy line that blends crystallized blackberries, daisy petals, cashmere musk and driftwood to create a clean, crisp scent that can be worn day or night. The bottle still features the beautiful daisy with gold accents.

seven. NEST New York Seville Orange Perfume Oil

For those who enjoy a scent loaded with citrus, NEST New York Seville Orange Perfume Oil is a must. The scent combines orange peel, pink grapefruit and neroli flower in a perfectly balanced scent that screams beautiful summer days. Since it’s an oil, you’ll want to make sure it’s completely absorbed into your skin before putting on clothes that you don’t want to stain.

8. Jo Malone London English Pear And Freesia Cologne

Imagine walking through British gardens filled with flowers and fruit. This is exactly the smell of this Jo Malone perfume. The scent combines King William pear, freesia and patchouli for a delicate, clean scent that’s perfect for summer, whether you’re going on a trip with friends or for dinner with your partner.

9. Henry Rose Windows Down Eau De Parfum

This Windows Down scent by Henry Rose is floral without being overwhelming. While the bottle’s simple design is clean and simplistic, its contents are filled with bright notes of citrus grapefruit, bergamot, sweet honey neroli, and heartwarming Earl Gray tea,

ten. Ellis Brooklyn BEE Eau de Parfum

If you are looking for a vegan fragrance option, Ellis Brooklyn BEE Eau de Parfum is ideal. The warm scent is filled with notes of honey, dark rum, vanilla bean, sandalwood and cocoa. It’s also a great alternative for people who don’t really like floral or citrus scents.

11. Aerin Beauty Rose de Grasse For Girls Eau de Toilette

It’s a great scent for women of any age looking for something new to wear this summer. The fresh scent of Aerin Beauty Rose de Grasse is filled with pear, rose and sweet musk reminiscent of the dew of a morning garden.

12. Chloe Chloe L’Eau

If you’re looking for a classic floral scent, look no further than Chloé L’Eau. The scent combines citrus, rose water and magnolia for an airy, classic and unmistakable summer scent.

13. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

This fruity and floral scent by Yves Saint Laurent is inspired by the most romantic city in the world. The scent consists of sweet red berries, datura flower and white musk for a bright yet seductive scent.

14. Gucci Bloom Gocce di Fiori Eau de Toilette

Gucci has unveiled a new fragrance as part of the Bloom fragrance line, Gocce di Fiori. The delicate scent is very floral with notes of all types of spring and summer flowers.

15. Diptych Orphéon Eau de Parfum

Diptyque Orphéon is inspired by a bar in the Parisian district of Saint-Germain where people used to go dancing and laughing in summer. The scent combines earthy tobacco, burnished wood, tonic bean, cedar and juniper berry for a sultry scent that will leave you and the others wondering if you are walking around France, even if you are walking around your hometown.

16. Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden 1921 Eau de Parfum

Yes, this Gucci perfume is worth the detour. The green bottle and gold filigree of The Alchemist’s Garden entices you to smell the wonders therein. The genderless scent has notes of floral neroli flower, crunchy limone cedrato fruit and woody oakmoss.

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