11 Skin Musk Perfumes That Could Convert Anyone To A Fragrance Fan


You’ve probably heard of a skin perfume or a skin musk perfume if you’re a perfume lover, or maybe a regular on #PerfumeTok (which has 1.2 billion views and counting, then I add) – but you’re not alone if you’re wondering “skin scent” WTF Actually means …

Each person has a natural aroma that radiates from their skin. The sultry scent left on a worn t-shirt, the dried sweat on the skin that lingers after a hot pilates class, or even the smell of a lover’s warm skin after a deep sleep on soft sheets. Although not as potent as a bottled perfume, our most sensually natural essence can be detected up close, in those simple, intimate moments.

When it comes to fragrance, a skin scent, too, sits close to the skin, working to enhance and deepen its personal aroma. And like a scented chameleon, skin scents often transform when sprayed on the body, creating a completely new scent that is entirely unique to the individual. Most often, these scented creations for the skin feature a musky note, creating a long-lasting, cloud-like aura.

In the simplest terms? A skin scent is essentially the “no makeup” makeup of the fragrance world.

Indie brand Lake & Skye’s latest genderless launch, Santal Gray Eau De Parfum, is the perfect example of a more woodsy skin scent that radiates onto the skin, leaving a sensual yet subtle trail on the wearer. With hints of luxurious bergamot, rosy jasmine petals and hints of otherworldly violet leaves, as well as sweet sandalwood swirling with cozy musk, the aroma makes a statement when infused. close, but never overwhelming to the senses. In a way, it’s reminiscent of a worn leather jacket you keep in your closet, throwing it over the simplest outfit as a finishing touch.

Courtney Somer, Founder of Lake & Skye, shares her take on skin scents as a whole: “They’re close to the skin – so instead of projecting, they’re more for the wearer and the people close to the skin. They tend to be sweeter, lighter scents. I’ve always liked the idea of ​​wearing a scent for yourself. As for Santal Grey?”[It’s] a warm, gorgeous scent that’s understatedly sexy [and] perfect for lovers of fall scents and skin. Sandalwood is one of my favorite notes, so creating this scent was a personal endeavor.

With Glossier noted as the trend leader in the fragrance category with its 2017 release You Eau De Parfum, more and more brands are launching their own iterations, like Victoria’s Secret Bare Eau De Parfum which dropped at the end of July this year (and is another of my personal favorites for fall).

Dora Baghriche, senior perfumer at Firmenich, a major perfume house, shares her expertise: “Our pH levels are not neutral. Even if we don’t wear clothes, there is the pH of our skin. Our culture, our environment, what we eat, where we live, all influence the smell of our skin. A perfume will react with that. Regarding the rising category of skin scents, Baghriche says, “It’s clean and dirty at the same time. It’s sexy and transparent at the same time. So actually, it’s a matter of contradiction when creating a skin scent. And that’s the beauty of it.

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