10 best organic fragrances you should try in 2021


2021 has brought a kind of revolution in the beauty industry. Today, people are not looking for good perfumes and products that give them temporary satisfaction. Natural and organic products have taken over from synthetic and products enriched with harmful chemicals. Now consumers are looking for clean, pure fragrances like those offered by brands like Adiveda Natural. This means that the products are free from parabens, toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. According to media reports, the clean perfume industry is expected to grow by $ 1.39 billion between 2019-2023.

Adveda Natural is the perfume brand that has united clean fragrances with innovative technologies. Learning Ayurveda in this modern age fits all kinds of needs of a consumer. It will give you the perfect aroma which will keep you cool and calm. And, that too, without any side effects!

Womania EDP – Floral Gourmand Sweet Fruity Perfume for Women

Womania EDP is one of the best natural perfumes from Adiveda Natural. The scent is powerful, seductive and super rich! Thanks to the blend of fragrant notes of summer fruits, romantic flowers and sweet vanilla with a touch of gourmet fragrance! It gives you immense pleasure and the feeling of being a free and young spirit. It’s a light and clean companion for a day! In addition, it is also a great partner for your evening meetings. It is perfect for the versatile character because of its versatility! And, it lasts up to 8-10 hours.

Gold Lust EDP – Fresh Woody Perfume For Women

It’s indefinitely one of the best choices for women in the PDEs offered by the brand. While it is a step forward towards modernity, it also balances the traditional feminism that we keep talking about. Indeed, a seductive choice of perfume for all women, Gold Lust EDP is proving to be more charismatic than ever. If you are looking for a spicy citrus scent, there is nothing more heavenly than this. Explore your sensuality on the front with this woody spicy citrus scent featuring top notes of citrus, peony, tangerine, middle notes of osmanthus, rose and base notes of sandalwood, pepper rose and earthy patchouli.

Unisex Cupid Perfume – Spicy Oriental Perfume with Oud Scent

The top notes of their unisex Cupid scent consist of the epitome of romance and the rejuvenating scent of warm rose and saffron, while the heart notes of amber and geranium produce an intense sensation that makes it warm and inviting. inviting. Moss, tonka and white musk make up the base notes. Adiveda’s Cupid Natural Spicy Oriental Scent is perfect for people looking for a different and different scent. It’s trendy, floral, spicy, and a blend of romance alongside the on-trend for men and women.

Boho Women EDP – Sweet, Warm and Woody Perfume for Women

Boho Women EDP by Adiveda Natural is a perfect blend of sweet, spicy, warm and refreshing fragrance notes. For women looking for natural yet sweet and sensual scents, this enchanting scent opens with a fragrant blend of flowers and light white fruits, followed by sweet and woody hypnotic notes in the center and sandalwood and hazelnut like base notes. It’s the perfect combination of modernity with a delicate touch for a bohemian woman who likes to go with the trend.

Memoir Unisex EDP – Pure Mysore Sandalwood Perfume

Memoir Unisex EDP by Adiveda Natural comes with Mysore sandalwood as a top note giving it a woody scent with a touch of violet and geranium blossoms as the perfect middle notes and completes the blend with soft balm resins as the top notes. based. It is amazing for men and women who love subtle woody scents with the pinch of exotic and delicate ingredients. In addition to being natural, it is also a luxury fragrance at a very affordable range without any toxins or chemicals.

Musc D’or EDP – Woody Musk Perfume For Men

Luxury is an understatement if you are talking about Musc D’or Eau De Parfum for men. It is much, much more than that. The scent is a great scent blend that relaxes your mind and takes you on an aromatic ride! From meeting evenings to brunches, it guarantees peaceful calm at all times. The fragrance includes top notes of peach and lily of the valley, middle notes of rose, geranium and ylang-ylang and base notes of musk, sandalwood and cedar.

Bewitch Women EDP – Sweet Amber Floral and Musk Perfume for Women

Bewitch Women EDP is like the icing on the cake for Adiveda Natural. Yes, women love sweet and floral aromas, but with the changing times, the demands change too. Now, women are looking for intense but sweet scents that match their personality. It is an elegant, luxurious and intoxicating blend of scents, which perfectly defines the word BEWITCH. The scented liquid includes aquatic top notes with a pinch of peach, the aromatic floral orange blossom and jasmine are the perfect middle notes, and the white musk, along with the intense warm vanilla, gives you base notes. .

Skyhigh Men EDP – Aqua Oceanic Fresh Perfume for Men

Skyhigh Men EDP from Adiveda Natural is perfect for men who start their day with an athletic adventure and enjoy lunch at noon. And, of course, end their day with family reunions. It is perfect for any occasion and any place. With the exotic top notes of sea breeze and citrus, amalgamated with aquatic and green notes as middle notes, blending with amber and musk at the base is the best scent to uplift your mood and awaken your sensuality.

Bae Men EDP – Woody Musk Perfume for Men

Adiveda Natural’s ultra-classic Bae EDP fragrance for men is one of the sophisticated combinations of earthy, musky and woody scents. It’s a long-lasting, cruelty-free and clean scent, as well as an aesthetic addition to your wardrobe. It contains the traditional musky and woody notes, combined with unexpected notes like tangy bergamot and floral aroma of lavender mixed with patchouli as the base notes. It will make you visible at every opportunity, day or night.

Selfish Eau De Parfum – Romantic Floral Perfume For Women

If you are also one of those women who have gotten lost in the midst of daily chores and loving or caring for others, then Adiveda Natural Selfish Eau de Parfum is for you. He gently reminds women to love themselves as much as they love others. It’s the perfect combination of peony petals and juicy fruit, paired with naturally scented rosebuds, iris and lily of the valley, as well as the depth of white woods and amber. The scent will make you confident and irresistible. Be ready to put yourself first with this erotic and sensual scent.

Midnight Senses Men EDP – Perfume White Arabian Oud for men

Midnight Senses for Men by Adiveda Natural is a rich, intense, exotic and clean scent inspired by the eastern regions of the world. This scent is seductive and full of romanticism. Its floral, warm and sensual oriental scent includes harmonized aromas of agarwood, cyperus root, geranium, ylang-ylang, oakmoss, musk and patchouli. The fragrance was included in Adveda Natural’s 2021 Best Clean Scents list. Get your romantic evening off to a good start with Midnight Senses.

Elanilla Women EDP – Caramel & Vanilla Perfume for Women

Adiveda Natural Best Women’s Perfume – Elanilla Eau De Parfum is an iconic fragrance blend of warm, sweet vanilla notes with musky and fruity notes. It will give you a refreshing, powerful and magical start at every opportunity. The sweet and caramelized top notes give you a fresh start, then it will change after a while with amber and saffron as the middle note. Agarwood and musk will leave a magnificent impact. It is one of the best selling perfumes for women.

We hope these will help you identify your best choice from their collection. Kudos to Miss Nisha Singh for providing natural, alcohol-free fragrance choices.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

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